[aur-general] A letter of resignation as a TU

Mikko Seppälä t-r-a-y at mbnet.fi
Sat May 30 11:11:02 EDT 2009

	Oh, the time has come for young one to enter the world and feel the 
first had experience of cruelty, blood and peasoup.
	To take on arms and abandon all hope on having personal feelings or 
time to infiltrate the community cvs.
	Nonexisting datalinks preventing duties to be performed. No keyboard to 
write on but the paper and wood.
	Last of the original comm64 porters dying.
	Time to leave the duties to be performed by wonder who?

Or in short:
I'm off to army in about a month, so I'm resigning unless you want to
mark me as inactive for over a year :p
wonder has agreed to take over lib32 so no pkgs to be adopted (unless
someone wants bin32-wine from unsupported, trying to get maintainer for it).
Objections? yes? no?
Ok, thats it.
Have a smooth ride.

  - Neverth

PS. This is a resend, first one is stuck because I sent it from my email
alias. I seriously thought about removing the first part but blah.

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