[aur-general] script to check a binary package for architecture-independence

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Nov 2 12:03:28 EST 2009

Chris Brannon schrieb:
> Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi wrote:
>> Hello
>> There is no attach here.
> The script is here: http://the-brannons.com/isanypkg
> The attachment must have been scrubbed.  Plus, gmail doesn't give me copies of
> mail that I send to the list.  Broken, broken gmail!
>> [2] Should also check the machine (sufficient), because there are
>> packages for example AVR and ARM that from point of view of -any are
>> "architecture-independence". (some "crazy" :P packages have SPARC ELFs)
>> [3] And also (I din't see the script, so i just suppose), you also need
>> to exactarc archives files (.a) and analize the content of each object
> Thanks so much for your insight!  Your guess was right; I forgot about
> members of ar archives.
> On second thought, I wonder if these sorts of checks should be done
> within namcap?

They should. Two checks:
1) Is an arch=any package architecture-dependent -> error
2) Is an arch=whatever package architecture-independent -> warning

If you know python and have the time, you should write a patch against 
namcap.git and mail it to Hugo. I told him once that it's a good 
feature, no idea if he got to it. You can check namcap.git to see if he 
did something, and check the bugtracker if there is a feature request 

Yay, I just looked at the script and it is in python already, so I guess 
a patch for namcap is in order :)

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