[aur-general] bugreports assigning

Laszlo Papp djszapi at archlinux.us
Mon Nov 2 15:10:52 EST 2009

Hello TUs,

I'd have a question, what do you do when a bugreport occured for a
package which package hasn't got actual Maintainer, or I can't see
well. To who do you assign that bugreport?

1. FS#16965 - [preload] init script fails to stop cleanly
Maintainer: Jarosław Świerczyński - He isn't a TU anymore, if I heard
well. (but he is in the Trusted User list)

2. FS#16969 - [mget] fails to run (due to too new ruby?)
Maintainer: Alexander Fehr <pizzapunk gmail com> - I can't see his
name in the list, but I can see his name on the fellowers list.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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