[aur-general] too many opera packages

Nuno André Jeremias de Aniceto nuno.aja at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 15:17:30 EST 2009

In the AUR discussion forum, I (quarkup) proposed to make a cleanup on the 
opera packages.

the forum topic is this and it is active:
you may find some more of the details in the forum

there is the "opera" package along with the following ones (as explained on 
the forum):

aur/opera 10.01-1
aur/opera-b1 10.10-1
aur/opera-beta 10.10-10
aur/opera-beta-qt4 10.00b3-1 (Out of Date)
aur/opera-bundled 10.01-3
aur/opera-dev 10.10_4694-1
aur/opera-devel-qt4 10.10_4685-1 (Out of Date)
aur/opera-dev-qt4 10.00_4493-2 (Out of Date)
aur/opera-g4 LATEST-3
aur/opera-qt3 9.64-1
aur/opera-qt4 10.00-6 (Out of Date)
aur/opera-shared-b1 10.10-1
aur/opera-static 9.64-1 (Out of Date)
aur/opera-unite-devel-qt3 10.00_4440-3 (Out of Date)

many of these packages are out of date or are duplicateds.
Please check the proposal on the forum.

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