[aur-general] Application as a Trusted User

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Sat Nov 21 12:37:32 EST 2009

On 21/11/2009, Stefan Husmann <stefan-husmann at t-online.de> wrote:
> It was my advise to include "custom" for BSD and MIT licenses, so if this is
> an error,
> it is mine.
> But I think having a "custom" in the license array makes it more clear where
> to look
> for the license file.
"The BSD, MIT, zlib/png and Python licenses are special cases and
could not be included in the licenses package. For the sake of the
license array, it is treated as a common license (license=('BSD'),
license=('MIT'), license=('ZLIB') and license=('Python')) but
technically each one is a custom license because each one has its own
copyright line. Any packages licensed under these four should have its
own unique license stored in /usr/share/licenses/pkgname. Some
packages may not be covered by a single license. In these cases,
multiple entries may be made in the license array, e.g. license=('GPL'
'custom:name of license')."

[1] - http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Building_Packages_in_Arch_Linux

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