[aur-general] LDFLAGS question

bardo ilbardo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 18:58:10 EST 2009

Hi all.
Recently I've been having fun with the latest pulseaudio quirk: it
doesn't build because of the --as-needed flag in linking. I don't
understand linking in depth, but as I understood it there's some
dependency cycle that gets triggered by the aforementioned ld flag.
However this doesn't happen when building in a chroot, where the
package builds fine.

It isn't the only package where it happens, and I have a handful of
questions about the correct way to handle this.

1. If something like this happens, is it an upstream bug?
2. If it builds fine in a chroot there's obviously a software that
triggers the bug, does it mean I am missing a dependency?
3. If a package builds inside a chroot but not outside, should it be
changed in such a way that it builds everywhere regardless of the
changes that are to be made? Or should it be left as it is, and
related bugs closed with "build it in a chroot"?
4. What does the absence of the ld flag imply in practical terms? Is
it just a "nice to have" or has it some real implications?

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