[aur-general] Unable to submit package

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 13:02:23 EST 2009

> After 'cleaning up' a package I'm maintaining (nginx-unstable), and
> verifying it can be built and works fine, AUR rejected the package.
> Reverting to old version (with updated version) works fine.
> error message:
> "Missing build function in PKGBUILD."

Ok, this is a longshot, but its worth a try.
The pkgbuild that you pasted has DOS-style line terminators.  You know,
CRLF?  That may well be an artifact of the pastebin service.
If you did have them in the original file, remove them.  For whatever
reason, bash behaves atrociously when sourcing a file with DOS-style
line endings, though it gives no complaint when they are replaced
with Unix-style line-endings.

Like I said, it's a longshot...
-- Chris

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