[aur-general] The State Of XMonad

jelle van der waa jellevdwaa at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 05:18:38 EDT 2009

The Last XMonad upgrade a few moths ago had some problems , GHC (haskell
compiler ) was released before XMonad was rebuild against the new compiler
causing it to potentially break. Can't the XMonad pkgbuild be changed so it
sticks with the GHC version it has been build against , that would cause
less trouble. Also a new XMonad release , means much haskell-x11-* ,
xmonad-contrib , xmobar need to be rebuild and pulled together else ghc will

Related to my question about XMonad are some issue's (features) on the
bugtracker, wich could be added to xmonad-contrib ( xmonad-contrib-darcs
from AUR already has this extra dependency's).


Still many thanks for having XMonad in community, if you need some help
rebuilding packages mail me ;)

Jelle van der Waa

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