[aur-general] Xmonad PKGBUILD improvement

jelle van der waa jellevdwaa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 05:29:44 EDT 2009


I would like the to help the state of the xmonad package in community,
currently xmonad depends on ghc , libhaskel-x11 that's correct but if
haskell-x11 or ghc get's updated before it's rebuild against this new
dependencies, it might break.   To fix that issue the pkgbuild could be
changed so xmonad would depend on haskel-x11='version' and ghc='version' .
Secondly it would also cover an out of date mirror wich could lead to

Here is an example of a related bugreport because haskel-x11 was updated
before a rebuild of xmonad:
     -FS#16606 - xmonad/xmonad-contrib depend on nonexistent haskell-x11

   Jelle van der Waa

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