[aur-general] Packaging LLVM

Ranguvar ranguvar at archlinux.us
Mon Oct 26 16:44:37 EDT 2009


I see that the package 'llvm' is in [community], is orphaned, and is
out-of-date.  I've spent considerable time working on packaging LLVM and its
add-ons, the Clang C-family compiler front-end and the GCC frontend.
Therefore, I'd like to help package LLVM.
I already wrote a PKGBUILD for v2.6 of LLVM (the package we have is v2.5),
and it also has a lot of fixes and niceties.

I'd like to discuss how best to proceed with LLVM -- whether Clang should be
included in the llvm package or as an alternate package of LLVM and Clang,
'llvm-clang', stuff like that.

In fact, what may work best is if llvm could be dropped into the AUR, where
I will then adopt it and update it (and potentially add 'llvm-clang' and
such as is decided), and then if a TU wants it in [community] (which would
make sense), it can be adopted by a TU.

        Devin Cofer, aka Ranguvar

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