[aur-general] AUR password reset / cross-compiling some lib32-

Mikhail Vorozhtsov mikhail.vorozhtsov at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 05:03:38 EDT 2009


I was dumb enough to lose my AUR password. Left a request on the forum
three days ago, PM'd the guy ('wonder') who did resets for other people
earlier with no luck so far. Looking for a kind soul with enough
administrative rights to help me.

Back to the list topic, I've created a few packages for cross-compiling
32bit apps (namely, cross32-binutils, lib32-glibc-devel, and
cross32-gcc, I'll upload them as soon as I recover my password). I use
these packages to compile a version of lib32-alsa-lib (will be uploaded
as lib32-alsa-lib-fixed) that looks for plugins
in /opt/lib32/usr/lib/alsa-lib instead of /usr/lib/alsa-lib (and thus
doesn't crash your wine/skype/etc). Feel free to use them when you
encounter 32bit apps that have hardcoded paths for dynamic code loading.

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