[aur-general] AurJson - orphan packages

Pierre Chapuis catwell at archlinux.us
Mon Sep 14 18:08:47 EDT 2009

Le Mon, 14 Sep 2009 22:46:15 +0800,
Gergely Imreh <imrehg at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I'm CC-ing this to the aur-dev, as I think it belongs there.
> The following patch adds the Orphan field to the aurjson output. For
> username we would need  to hit the database once more (maybe, have to
> think more SQL for that), but the Orphan-ness is quite straightforward
> to evaluate. So let's just do that first.
> This patch, however, might clash with one patch I sent in a few days
> ago [1], since that one hasn't been applied to the repo, yet. Anyway,
> neither of those are hard to see where they should go...
> Any comments?

Looks good enough for me, since it would allow me to do what I wanted (include orphan detection in the script I use to watch the AUR packages I use). Thanks for the quick response!


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