[aur-general] Adding a .deb packaged application to the AUR

Jeff Horelick jdhore1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 15:09:46 EDT 2009

Hello Listmates,

I have a package here i'd really like to add to the AUR. The problem is that
its packaged in a .deb. How would i go about packaging this for Arch? Feel
free to just point at: "Look at this other package" or "Read this wiki

In case some of you guys don't know the formmat that a .deb is in:

An ar archive, inside there are 2 tarballs, one called control.tar.gz which
for our purposes can be mostly ignored and one called data.tar.gz which has
the actual application files laid out in the directory structure of the
system similar to a Arch final binary package. (usr/bin/stuff,
usr/share/stuff and so on).

Or would it be easier for me to just setup a GitHub or BitBucket account,
drop all the source files on there and simply make a hg or git package? (For
the record and all, it's not my project, but it is GPLv2 so....)

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