[aur-general] TU applying/voting.

member SpeedVin speedvin at archlinux.us
Tue Sep 22 12:39:02 EDT 2009

Hello all.

I'm using Arch for about 1 year.
I helped Arch community by providing PKGBUILDS and helping on forum.

I want to introduce me.
My name is Patrick, I'm from the Poland I am working with computers for long
time (12 years).

Now I'm maintraining 14 packages on AUR in unsupported repo.
List of them
dwm-git 20090813-1
unsupported devel glib2-newest 2.21.6-1
unsupported system grub2-git 29072009-1
unsupported x11 inputproto-git
unsupported kernels kernel26-bfs 2.6.31-1
unsupported lib libsoup-git 20090920-1 1
unsupported lib libx11-git
unsupported modules nvidia-bfs-beta 190.32-1
unsupported x11 renderproto-git 0.11-1
unsupported x11 xextproto-git
unsupported x11 xf86-input-keyboard-git 20080809-1
unsupported x11 xf86-input-mouse-git 20080808-1
unsupported x11 xorg-server-git 20090529-1
unsupported x11 xorg-xinit-git 20080807-1
Some of them are based on PKGBUILD provieded by ABS and some are based on
packages in AUR , and some are builded myself.
I am programming in Python and C++ ;)

Now that I've introduced myself I'm looking for someone who wants to
sponsor me (if any). Please feel free to ask any questions I do not
have answered yet.

Thanks for reading this ;)

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