[aur-general] Status of the Chromium/Chrome packages on AUR

Jeff Horelick jdhore1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 14:43:52 EDT 2009

I thought i'd throw my hat into the ring here since I maintain a (and
arguably the most popular) Chromium package. I personally think they should
stay how they are. Perhaps clean up some of the packages that are horribly
out-of-date (Perhaps any package not updated in the month of September or
any package still on version 4.0.1xx.x or older).

Linux and ArchLinux is all about choice and i think interfering this much
with the AUR clouds that a bit. As i said previously, my full suggestion is
to leave it how it is (cleanup old packages) and perhaps create a Chromium
or Chrome page on the wiki listing a few of the recommended packages like:

* chromium-snapshot - Recommended build from the Google Chromium buildbot
for 32-bit.
* chromium-snapshot-64 - See above, but for native 64-bit.
* chromium-browser-dev - Building from source. *WARNING* downloads 900MB of
sources and takes a long time to build.
* chromium-continuous - Will always be up-to-date when you manually
reinstall/rebuild/update the package. Also uses the Google Chrome buildbot.
* google-chrome - Official dev channel package of Chrome from Google.
* iron - Package of Chrome from dev channel with all the "data-mining"
features removed.
* chromium-browser - builds built of Chromium SVN by Ubuntu's chromium-daily

Yes, i know "If it requires a wiki article to choose a package, it's
probably too complicated", but...

Also, the reason i haven't made my chromium-snapshot package use the 64-bit
native builds is because i believe there are and will be times where i want
to update the package and can't because the 32-bit and 64-bit buildbot
builds don't match up (because the i386/i686 builds take a bit
longer/shorter than the 64-bit builds or because there's a FTBFS on 64-bit,
but not on 32-bit and so on).

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