[aur-general] gnucash-svn, unsupported, out-of-date

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 23:51:21 CEST 2010

On 5 April 2010 03:56, Stefan Husmann <stefan-husmann at t-online.de> wrote:
> Am 04.04.2010 21:37, schrieb Nathan Wayde:
>> On 04/04/10 20:29, Karol Babioch wrote:
>>> But the version in the PKGBUILD needs to be changed manually, doesn't
>>> it? Otherwise users of this application don't get informed when there is
>>> a new version ...
>> If all that needs changing is the version number, then you can leave it
>> as-is forever. When the user installs, the version number is
>> automatically bumped to the latest. It's nice to update the PKGBUILD so
>> users can know when a new update to the code was made, but it's not at
>> all necessary.
> The PKGBUILD seems to be usable, at lest the build process ends up
> successfully.

It's a PKGBUILD for the development version of a software, and there
is no such thing as "automatic" because changes happen anytime and
everytime, and as such it is best to keep a local copy of the
buildscripts and makepkg as and when the need is felt. If the
complaint is from an unsupported pacman wrapper's viewpoint, then you
can for eg. cron a yaourt -S every night.

That is, of course, provided the buildscripts continue to work.


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