[aur-general] renpy native x86_64 support problem

Franz Rogar franzrogar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 16:10:10 CEST 2010


I've a problem with current renpy and I don't know what can I do. My
problem is this:

- AUR renpy doesn't support pure x86_64 system, even thought PKGBUILD
says it does.

So, I built from sources a native version which "adds" support for
x86_64 and, consecuently, new problems arised:

- PKGBUILD can't be built but as root
- Because you need to source a new environment, python image support
lacks some formats (I don't know why but it does) and, therefore,
renpy fails to start.

The funny thing is that if you build it in a terminal command by
command, it builds perfectly and without any error at all.

So, I'm on a dilemma:

- If I release the PKGBUILD, it will be useless.
- I can create a new PKGBUILD which grab precompiled x86_64 runtime
files (basically just .so files about ~5MB I think, haven't checked)
and applies patches as needed.
- I can release a full binary version (which I dislike).
- I can't find any other solution.

I'd pick for second option up, but AUR doesn't support binary and I
don't have a hosting to host it.

Does anyone could give me any suggestion on what to do?

Thanks in anyway,
        Franz Rogar

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