[aur-general] Adopted GNU Ferret

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Apr 21 18:30:01 CEST 2010

> I've adopted ferret, an ER modelling tool written in Tcl/Tk that has
> been very useful for me. 
> This is my first package in AUR, so any help or improvement from you
> will be great. Thanks in advance.

Hi Daniel,

You should remove the empty variables from the PKGBUILD (e.g.
makedepends, install). A package should not specify itself in the
"replaces" and "provides" arrays either so you can remove those too.

The package relies on interpreted files which are
architecture-agnostic, so you can specify "any" as the architecture.

You don't need to install the following:
ferret.bat (.bat files are only for Windows)

There is no reason to copy the ferret executable only to then overwrite
it completely. I recommend installing that file with the rest of the
files and then installing a bash script in /usr/bin which then
changes into the ferret directory and runs that script. This way you
don't have to change the PKGBUILD every time the author changes his

Even if you don't opt for that approach, you should still include your
own script in the local sources instead of creating it inside of the
build function.

The author also forgot to remove the CVS directories in his sources so
you should remove those before copying everything into $pkgdir.

I've attached a PKGBUILD with my recommendations applied along with the
bash script for /usr/bin. It might also be a good idea to install
to /opt/ferret but that's debatable. I suspect that gerwinml/ is
unnecessary but I don't know (none of the files reference the dtd file
according to grep).

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