[aur-general] installing files for a specific user

Hubert Grzeskowiak aur-general-ml at nemesis13.de
Fri Apr 23 02:35:18 CEST 2010

> Hi,
> I wonder whether it's possible to install files for a user
> automatically. Sometimes it would be appropriate to create user specific
> files instead of or in addition to the system wide files.
> I wonder whether this is possible and how. I guess it would at least
> require a post-install hook in the install file but that's as far as my
> guess goes.
> Thanks,
> Philipp
The only way to do that is writing a globally installed script that copies or
downloads required files into $HOME.
That's because the whole packaging system is made with root permissions in
mind. For user-space packages there are other systems, independent of pacman's.

Have a nice day

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