[aur-general] TUs adopting packages from the AUR

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 17:18:38 EDT 2010

On 15 August 2010 04:06, Stefan Husmann <stefan-husmann at t-online.de> wrote:
> But there nothing is said about contacting the current maintainer of an
> AUR package. Maybe we should add that.

Sad story. As the years go by, the AUR is largely becoming a platform
for competition - which is far from our intentions.

The point of an unsupported repository of buildscripts is to allow
mass contribution and _eventual_ promotion of useful and/or popular
software packages. If I maintain a package in AUR, it is with the hope
that it will someday get adopted by a TU/developer so that our users
have direct access to a binary. It is for the betterment of each and
every one of us. When I was once maintaining wicd, I was happy to get
notified that it would be brought to extra.

And that's right, you _should_ get notified, _before_ the process. The
obvious medium for that is, of course, the AUR comments section. There
is no need for a "reply" - as long as the AUR maintainer does not end
up contemplating where her package disappeared to. It is then up to
the TU/developer what other level of communication she wants to
utilise. If there is no such relay of information, it is simply a case
of bad manners.

TUs should take this as a good reminder that there's no playing
holier-than-thou here. And for the rest of us, remember that
maintaining packages is not an exclusive business.


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