[aur-general] Moving some popular games from AUR to community

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 08:27:29 EDT 2010

On 15 August 2010 17:49, Laurent Carlier <lordheavym at gmail.com> wrote:
> Le dimanche 15 août 2010 09:38:06, Sven-Hendrik Haase a écrit :
>>  On 15.08.2010 09:16, Angel Velásquez wrote:
>> > Well, I am not against those games.. and stuff, but, if adding 6 games
>> > == ~3GB .. repos will have to syncronize and waste a lot of bandwith
>> > with these games.
>> The toll will be 1600MB at worst, so not that big of an issue. Even
>> then, I kind of dislike the use of "waste" here. If these packages are
>> useful or even fun, how can one be talking of a waste? Also, 1600MB in
>> either disk space or bandwidth should be not a problem at all for our
>> mirrors compared to the daily amount Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora packages, ISO
>> spins and whatnot that they have to mirror. Debian alone takes 430GB for
>> a full mirror. Arch is smaller than a tenth of that.
>> > I'd say that since games are popular they should have their own repo
>> > .. like [games] (please don't kill me), last time I said that was
>> > because of nexuiz .. so people who like to have some repos, can decide
>> > if download games or not... (I particurarly won't do it for my
>> > personal purposes since I don't use to game, not in pc, not in Linux,
>> > not now :P).
>> If mirror size and bandwidth are not issues, how to justify a [games]
>> repo? Also, [games] may only mark the beginning. Why not also [office],
>> [multimedia] and [dev]? I really don't want to go there. Adding more
>> repos will only make Arch less simple but what do we gain?
>> > But if those packages are popular and maintainer can handle the
>> > bandwidth and mirrors won't complain about it, im fine with it.
>> >
>> > Cheers
>> Well, I said I'd be fine with the maintaining.
> Lot of packages could be splitted to get a common data part.

I'm with angvp on this. As long as we don't get any significant
'oh-crap' from this being done, I'll be more than happy to have
allowed you to do this. So, go ahead.

Btw, third-party repos should never be a factor here. Arch-Games is
independent (and it works).

And also, try to refrain from comparing to other distros. It's none of
our business.

Caveat: I like UrbanTerror.


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