[aur-general] algoscore

Christopher Brannon cmbrannon79 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 14:12:38 EDT 2010

Philipp Überbacher <hollunder at lavabit.com> writes:

> As it happens, this article about algoscore says that it does require
> either -O2 or -O3 as CFLAGS:
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/algoscore-music-numbers

Sorry, but this doesn't seem plausible.
I did get some useful output from valgrind.
The invalid reads and writes are happening in src/nasal/hash.c, at line
132, in the resize function.  The malloc call in that function doesn't
seem to be allocating enough memory.  The author is aligning his
pointers, and the malloc call doesn't account for the padding.
I added a fudge factor to malloc's size argument.
The patch is here: <http://pastebin.ca/1925235>.

Unfortunately, I can't do much to test this program, but I can say that
it no longer crashes with a backtrace.

-- Chris
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