[aur-general] Status of community cleanup 2010.

Ionuț Bîru ibiru at archlinux.org
Mon Aug 30 13:33:12 EDT 2010

On 08/30/2010 08:18 PM, Thomas Dziedzic wrote:
> So, it has been quite a while since the community cleanup was started.
> There are *still* packages that have an incomplete status on the todo list.
> I propose that the following packages be moved to the aur to finish
> the community cleanup:
> miniracer  	x86_64  	Community  	dgriffiths

maybe sven wants it. he's a gamer and he moved a lot of games in 
community recently.

> man-pages-pt_br  	x86_64  	Community  	jlichtblau
> mt-daapd  	x86_64  	Community  	orphan
> mdf2iso  	x86_64  	Community  	dgriffiths

i don't care and can be moved

> pstreams  	x86_64  	Community  	dgriffiths

it can't be moved. is a makedepends for pdf2djvu

> nrg2iso  	x86_64  	Community  	dgriffiths

nice to have it on community. i'll rebuild it.

> pygoocanvas  	x86_64  	Community orphan

seems that is done and wasn't been marked

> noyau  	x86_64  	Community  	orphan
> man-pages-cs  	x86_64  	Community  	jlichtblau
> premake  	x86_64  	Community  	dgriffiths
> grub-gfx  	x86_64  	Community  	
> qucs  	x86_64  	Community  	spupykin

same as first group

> emerald-themes  	x86_64  	Community  	ronald

this seems important for compiz users and is a part from that group
> magickthumbnail  	x86_64  	Community  	orphan

rebuilt and wasn't been marked


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