[aur-general] Understanding the Trusted User Bylaws

Thorsten Töpper atsutane at freethoughts.de
Sun Dec 5 06:27:41 EST 2010

On Sat, 4 Dec 2010 19:26:45 -0500 Shacristo <shacristo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not  TU, but I have a few suggestions for cleaning up the bylaws.
> Standard Voting Procedure:
> I think it would help to standardize the discussion and/or voting
> period time lengths.  I don't see anything that would be particularly
> time sensitive, so I think both periods could be changed to 7 days for
> all motions.  At the very least the voting periods could all be 7 days
> since the only motion that doesn't have a 7 day voting period is the
> motion to remove an inactive TU and I don't think there's any reason
> to rush that.

I see the current time values fine, one week to think about a person
that will gain some serious influence on the user base(AUR). Also one
week to think about the removal of someone who left a good impression.
Also 3 days of discussion and 5 for the vote are fine, not everyone
votes at the first day of the period and so the one person still has a
chance to say "Hey sorry there was xyz.".

> Right now 'no' and 'abstain' votes appear to be treated exactly the
> same.  The abstain option should either be removed or it should be
> made clear that it is only used for purposes of achieving a quorum.

No that is a bad idea. I myself abstained two votes simply because
someone was not really convincing at that time but there also was no
real thing to say that he would not do fine later. It helps to get the
quorum as everyone who feels like that can do so, also it has no
influence if the applicant becomes accepted or not as No still can
reach more votes than Yes and vice versa.

> Quorum:
> It isn't clear how a TU that changes his/her status during a vote
> would be counted for the quorum.  I would suggest saying that any
> non-voting TU that was inactive for any period during the discussion
> or voting periods should not be counted for the quorum.

"All active TUs should be participating in discussions and voting
procedures in order to continue meeting the quorums."

In other words: TUs marked as inactive on the list are not counted in
at all.

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