[aur-general] Amendment

PyroPeter abi1789 at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 5 16:58:01 EST 2010

On 12/05/2010 07:55 PM, Xyne wrote:
> The voting period should remain 7 days regardless of the current votes. It is
> rude to others to exclude them from participation even if the outcome is
> assured.
> Once the voting period is over, the motion shall pass if either an absolute
> majority were reached, or if a simple majority were reached with quorum.
> This will allow all TUs to have their say if they so choose and it sidesteps
> the issue of determining inactivity due to shortened voting periods while
> preventing motions with absolute (i.e. insurmountable) majorities from
> failing, which is what the real issue is here. Overall I think this is the
> simplest solution.

Maybe one could go one step further and only declare a motion as passed
if there is an absolute majority after 7 days. (Meaning that more than
one half of the active TUs voted YES)

This would simplify the voting procedure a lot, but would higher the
barrier for a motion to pass. e.g. results that express mainly
indifference with a slight tendency to YES (like 5 yes, 4 no and 15 
abstain votes) would no longer pass.

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