[aur-general] TU Application

Laurent Carlier lordheavym at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 17:11:12 EST 2010

Le dimanche 5 décembre 2010 22:50:10, Jelle van der Waa a écrit :
> Hello all.
> I would like apply to become a TU! Daenyth has decided to sponsor me for
> my TU application
> I'm 21 years old and a Bachelor student Computer Science. I have
> experience with C++, C, x86 ASM, Java, Python, PHP, SQL and javascript. I
> use archlinux on daily basis as a server and as desktop on my laptop.
> Since a year I am a maintainer at the Arch-Games project[0], since then i
> learned how to deal with makepkg, libpng/libjpeg patches, rebuilding
> packages for boost/python. Also learning how to work and setup clean
> chroots for 32 and 64 bit and how to improve PKGBUILDs and use tools
> like git/svn/namcap.
> I have had much fun and hard work working on updating packages for
> arch-games, Daenyth really helped me a lot and #archlinux and
> #archlinux-offtopic guys too ;) Also I must admit i have learned a lot
> from Ioni.
> I would like to become a Trusted User, so I can help packaging for
> community since something there are a lot of orphan packages so I will
> be always prepared to update/improve those packages. I would love to see
> improvements like more splitting of packages which has been done with
> packages like compiz. Also creating more any packages would be better
> for our mirrors. Since we didn't have much space for packages, I have
> had to split much data packages to "any".
> My current packaging interests are haskell, LaTeX, cli apps,
> virtualization.
> In the future i am looking into improving tools such as namcap.
> Feel free ask any questions here or on irc.
> [0] https://github.com/Arch-Games/arch-games
> P.S. Allan made me apply :P

Nice application. I think too that more packages can be splitted.


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