[aur-general] Remember the rules for adding packages to [community]

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Dec 6 00:56:57 EST 2010

So...  I just noticed a package was added to [community] that I am 
certain did not pass any of the criteria required for being added.

When I looked in the AUR for that package less than a week ago as a 
potential replacement for an old and unmaintained package in [core], it 
was not even in the AUR...    and I can find no evidence for it every 
being added to the AUR in the time since.   So it did not have 10 votes, 
it definitely would not have 1% pkgstats usage.

So this is a reminder to everyone that there are rules about adding 
packages to [community] for a reason.  With the complaints about running 
low on disk space being made lately, it seems we should remember to not 
put unused packages into [community] to prevent the remaining space 
being wasted...


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