[aur-general] Some packages moved from extra/community to aur

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Dec 7 18:44:36 EST 2010

On 08/12/10 09:28, Stefan Husmann wrote:
> Am 07.12.2010 22:13, schrieb Lukas Fleischer:
>> On Tue, Dec 07, 2010 at 11:56:20AM +0100, Michael Trunner wrote:
>>> * tcsh
>>> * autofs
>>> * python-numarray
>> Moved to [community-testing] as I didn't have the chance to do any
>> testing yet. If everything works as expected, I'll move them to
>> [community] soon.
>> Cheers!
> Did you build against [testing] and [community-testing]? If so, it is
> not said that the packages will work in an extra-and-community-only
> environment. If you build the packages against [extra], you should
> use [community-staging] for testing purposes.

Umm...  anything in [{community-,}staging] is usually built on top of 
[{community-,}testing] too.  Also, [community-staging] should only be 
used for in progress rebuilds.

Given these packages do not rely on any of the soname bumps in [testing] 
(as far as I can tell), it should be fine to test them in a non-testing 


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