[aur-general] TU application - Kyle Keen

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Dec 8 15:52:33 CET 2010

keenerd wrote:

> After much heavy thought, I withdraw my application.  My apologies for
> the trouble.
> -Kyle

I agree with the others who feel you should reconsider your withdrawal.

I also want to explain myself. I was hesitant to voice my concerns about the
bot, especially as your sponsor, because I understand how it could be
perceived as a betrayal of sorts. I understood that it would evoke negative
reactions among some TUs and that it might cost you some votes. At the same
time, I genuinely felt (and still do) that it was something that needed to be
addressed and that I would not be doing my job as a TU had I not brought it up.

I agreed to sponsor you because I believe that your skills and motivation can
enrich the team and benefit the community and I still stand by that belief. All
I wanted was for you to address the concerns and to assure those among us who
shared them that you would be less impetuous as a TU, and I still hope that you

Technical skills are only part of the requirement for becoming a TU. Being
able to communicate meaningfully with other TUs and work as a team is just as
important. In this case, showing that you can accept and address criticism
would make you a stronger candidate, in my opinion.

So again, please reconsider.


p.s. I really do feel a bit bad about this.

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