[aur-general] python2-simpleparse replaces python-simpleparse / balazar removal

Evangelos Foutras foutrelis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 07:10:35 EST 2010

On 15/12/10 13:45, Joao Cordeiro wrote:
> It seems to me that having two packages (python-* and python2-*) would make
> sense only if that package worked _both_ with python2 and python3. In this
> particular case, where simpleparse works with python2 only, I don't
> understand why we can't have it with the original name depending on python2.

We could do that, yes. However, since he already uploaded a python2-
package, there was no reason not to delete the python- package.

> Please understand that I'm just a normal user and my opinion is worth almost
> nothing. However, because I adopted a few fine packages that only needed
> some python2 work, I really wanted to bring this up and understand what is
> the better way to solve it.
> Should all foo packages that stopped working because of python3 be deleted
> and replaced with python2-foo? It doesn't make any sense to me.

Your sense of the preferred course of action is correct; packages should
be renamed lazily. This means that, packages that are not compatible
with Python 3 should keep their existing naming. If and when a Python 3
compatible version comes out, a python2- package will be created that
will install the module for Python 2, and the python- package will be
updated and install the module for Python 3.

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