[aur-general] Remove ardour3-svn

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Tue Dec 21 00:53:09 EST 2010

On 2010-12-21 12:14 +0800 (51:2)
Ng Oon-Ee wrote:

> On Tue, 2010-12-21 at 13:22 +1000, Allan McRae wrote:
> > My view is that there is no need for informational post_install or 
> > post_update messages (and I find those annoying in general...). 
> > Especially given this obviously a svn snapshot for a branch that has 
> > seen no release yet.  I work on the assumption that the users of Arch 
> > are not stupid[*] and know what they are installing on their systems. 
> > They would have gone out of their way not to just install the ardour 
> > package from the repos for a reason.
> > 
> > [*] well, lets just say I do to make this point...  :P
> > 
> > Allan
> Well from the POV of ardour's developers, ardour3 isn't even alpha or
> pre-alpha yet, and this PKGBUILD just encourages those mythical 'stupid
> users' to try out something which isn't for general users yet.
> The problem here is that problems will be brought to them (the ardour
> devs) rather than to this list or the comments on the AUR package. If a
> post_install message alleviates that problem it's all good, I think.

If a simple message is able to address the concerns expressed by the upstream
developer and encourage users to contribute to the project then we should
include it. It shows respect and costs nothing.

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