[aur-general] TU without [community] maintaining?

Lex Rivera x-demon at x-demon.org
Wed Feb 3 14:05:22 EST 2010

On 03/02/10 19:57, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Am 03.02.2010 16:44, schrieb Angel Velásquez:
> > On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Florian Friesdorf <flo at chaoflow.net> wrote:
> >> I'd give an AUR moderator all permissions to mess around in the AUR, be
> >> it packages of TUs or not. If somebody messes up, he/she can be punished
> >> later.
> Agreed. They should be responsible enough to not do any bullshit.
> > Well, other question
> > how will be the process of selection of these semi-tu ?
> Application, vote, done. It shouldn't be that complicated.
> > how will be
> > called the group semi-tu ? trusted but not at all?
> I'd simply say "AUR Moderators". We have moderators on the forum, and on
> the wiki, so having them on the AUR makes sense - it is in fact a bit
> late, the AUR is too much anarchy for my taste.
> I'd suggest so start the process by just voting upon Lex and if (s)he
> (sorry, can't determine the sex from that name, my stupidity) is
> approved, one will see how it goes and if it's a good idea. Then one can
> think about adding more moderators or not. Just KISS.

Lex/Alex/Alexander. Well, before we can set moderators, we must
understand how that position will work from the code side. We can of
course just grant access to orphan & delete, if i understood correctly.

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