[aur-general] Packages for adoption

Malte Rabenseifner malte at zearan.de
Thu Feb 11 11:20:50 EST 2010

On Thu, February 11, 2010 16:53, Allan McRae wrote:
> Here is a list of packages I no longer wish to maintain in [community].
> They all hardly ever need updating, apart from winetricks. If no-one
> adopts them in the next few days, then they will be dropped to the AUR.
> I do not think I need to orphan the packages for others to adopt them,
> but let me know if I do.
>      gimmix (+libnxml)
>      gnome-cups-manager
>      gnome-subtitles
>      gnomebaker
>      gwget
>      mozplugger
>      pida
>      pyenchant  (needs renamed)
>      python-pyalsaaudio
>      python-sexy
>      supertuxkart
>      winetricks
>      wine_gecko
>      xfce4-places-plugin
> Also, I have orphaned plib which is required by simgear (maintained by
> Sergey)
> Allan

I would adopt some of these packages if they really would get dropped to
AUR. Could you please re-post a list of the packages that you move if
noone adopts them in [community]?

Malte Rabenseifner
malte at zearan.de
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