[aur-general] rfkill package

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Jan 8 16:57:29 EST 2010

I noticed that the rfkill package is in community now (very good).
However, I have been asked if it was possible to make a few improvements:

1) Add a rfkill group (or use an existing group) and allow that group to
write /dev/rfkill using udev (if we add a group, we should do that in
the filesystem package, not the rfkill package). Apparently, some
desktop applications would like to set the rfkill state, so this way we
could allow that.
2) Add an init script that can optionally unblock wifi, bluetooth or
anything else on boot. In the past, some devices were soft-blocked on
boot by default (is this still an issue?), so this could be improved.

Maybe we should even move this to extra or even core. Giovanni, this
seems to be your package, what do you think?

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