[aur-general] Policy on abandoned projects?

Erik Johnson palehose at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 15:26:47 EST 2010

What is the policy with regard to projects that appear to have been
abandoned? For instance, no matter what distribution I run, I find
myself compiling spellutils for its excellent "newsbody" program, which
I use in mutt to feed aspell only the body of the message instead of the
full message (including quoted replies, headers, etc). However, for some
time now the homepage of this project has been defunct, and the
developer has been unreachable. The project does not have a
sourceforge/github/etc location from which the source code can be
retrieved, I was only able to find the source code myself thanks to a
couple different source code archives, which I am not sure if I can rely
on 100% to keep the source available.

What can I do to get this project into the AUR? I have no problem
writing a PKGBUILD, I just need to find an acceptable way of making the
source available, and I'm not sure if there's a protocol for this
that AUR package maintainers typically follow.

Many thanks,



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