[aur-general] Orphaning / giving away packages

Pierre Chapuis catwell at archlinux.us
Wed Jan 27 07:32:04 EST 2010

I have just orphaned a few packages because I don't use them anymore,
so you can adopt them if you want. They are:

gfaim: cooking recipes software in French
lib32-libmad: I probably needed it for a proprietary game someday...
lout: LaTeX alternative
ltsa: a formal verification tool for concurrent systems
spin/xspin: formal verification of distributed software systems and

I have also kept the following packages but I'm willing to hand them
over if someone else wants to maintain them:

gsi-sshterm: Java SSH application to log in computing grids
mpy-svn-stats: Subversion logs analyzer (generates stats...)
springgraph: alternative to neato (renders graphs)
sig2dot: tool to plot a GPG keyring
python-irclib: Python IRC client library

I have also orphaned globus, a toolkit to build grids, but maybe it
should simply be removed or updated to version 5.0 (which is not
backwards-compatible though, I didn't try to build it at all). The
package gt provides version 4.0 but it looks unmaintained and is
almost impossible to find because its description does not contain
the word "Globus".

Finally, I think the python-decorator package should go to community:
it has 97 votes and is probably one of the most useful Python modules.
If no TU wants to take it I will keep maintaining it in AUR.

Thanks for reading ;)


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