[aur-general] orphaning oregano

Stefan Husmann stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Sun Jan 31 14:06:46 EST 2010

Am 28.01.2010 10:30, schrieb Imanol Celaya:
> oregano seems to be upstream abandoned(last release is from 2007) and
> I'd like to orphan it and move it to the aur(unless some TU wants to
> adopt it in community).
> So, anyone interested?

some points make me not adopt this package:

- big parts of the website is spanish only, a language I do not speak
- on the homepage they say they host the developement sources in a darcs
repo, in fact they use git
- on the homepage they say the latest release is 0.69.0, in fact it is 0.69.1
- the last commits in the git repo are from 2008, except the scons-file,
wihich is from June 2009
- personnally I have no need for such a program and cannot perform real tests

I also the impression that the program is unmaintained, or atleast badly
maintained. So IMHO moving it to AUR is the best solution.

Regards Stefan

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