[aur-general] TU Resignation

Jim Pryor lists+aur-general at jimpryor.net
Sun Jan 31 18:41:34 EST 2010

On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 04:12:43PM -0200, Paulo Matias wrote:
> [community]
> - oss-related (oss, skype-oss)
> - djvu-related (djview4, pdf2djvu -> pstreams)
> - lua-related (luadoc, luafilesystem, luajit, lualogging)
> - netsurf-related (netsurf -> hubbub, libnsbmp, libnsgif, libparserutils)
> - latex-related (texmaker)
> [unsupported]
> - vbox-related (virtualbox_bin)
> - oss-related (xulrunner-oss)
> - electronics-related (alliance, chipmunksystem, logisim)
> - lua-related (iup, cd, im, gnuplot-luaterm)
> - ion3-related (ion-3, trayion)
> - djvu-related (gsdjvu)
> - irc-related (kvirc-svn, qirssi)
> - driver stuff (samsutools)
> - other stuff (chestnut-dialer, eresi-svn, python-mpmath, uspnet)
> Best regards,
> Paulo Matias

Hi Paulo, thanks for your contributions.

I'm closely following Lua, and can help out with the luadoc, luafilesystem, and
lualogging. luajit doesn't yet work on x86_64, which my machines are,
and I haven't played with it at all, so I won't say I can help with

Now I'm not a TU, and don't really have the time to take
on TU responsibilities even if you trusted me! I'm just offering to
help out, in case some TU is willing to adopt them but hesitates on account of 
lack of experience with Lua. Or if these were to go to AUR, then I could
take them.

The four Lua packages in AUR are graphics/plotting packages I don't use.
Hopefully there's someone else who does. But if not, I could be a foster
parent until someone comes along.

Jim Pryor
profjim at jimpryor.net

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