[aur-general] recover password in aur site

Martín Cigorraga martosurf7600 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 00:46:34 EDT 2010

Hi guys,

@Andrea: I need to recover my user password please :'(

Also, I noted you're one of the guys behind KDE SC, thank you very much for
your awesome work folks!!

I first started using Arch this year somewhere between February/March -can't
remember exactly when- because I was fed up of all that KDE distros out
there. I really didn't have so much experience in GNU/Linux at that moment
except almost 2 years of using Ubuntu, which really didn't help - thanks
Ubuntu anyways. Of course I have my distro-hopper quota but that was until I
discovered and settled in Arch, now I distro-hop to have a glance about
other devs/people vision/work/implementations, etc., and learn anything I
see useful to apply to Arch. In this few little months I'm using Arch my
brain nearly blowup, knowledge and experience on GNU/Linux systems
skyrocketered at warp speed and I never imagined how *really* good Arch is
nor how impressive would be it KDE SC: your implementation of KDE SC simple
fucking rulez!! It's c00l, it's lightning fast, it's flexible, extensible,
etc., you rock men!

Once again, thank you very much for letting people like me access to such a
nice operating system: Arch 64+KDE SC =)


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