[aur-general] [arch-dev-public] Python-3.x transition with python-2.7 update

Matthias Männich matthias at maennich.net
Tue Jul 6 11:23:42 EDT 2010

06.07.2010 16:48, Stephen Weinberg:
> Is there a good reason to ever switch python to python3? The option of
> just not switching at all has never come up. At some point we would
> need to move everything over, but why not continue to call it python3?

I would support this idea. The amount of time needed for the transition
(python->python2,python3->python) is later on needed for further
incompatible upgrades of python. Just think about python4 :-). I guess
this is a common problem in naming packages for major releases. Two
years ago I wished they would have had decided to use 'kde4' instead of
'kde' although it might take some time until kde5 is out.


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