[aur-general] Why is there no option to delete your own package in AUR yourself?

Peter Hultqvist phq at endnode.se
Wed Jul 14 19:07:36 EDT 2010

Allan McRae wrote:
> I think it would be better to just have a "delete request" button which 
> would require a note why the package needs deleted so that the TUs could
> have a list they can easily access and work through.

Good idea, especially since the management of AUR will be more connected
with the website. It confused me that the management was outside on this
list, and it still presents a mental barrier on how to work with the AUR.

Could something similar also be done with adopt requests?

I both situations I assume that the package owner will be contacted as
well with time given to response before a TU takes a look at it.

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