[aur-general] trusted users business

Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Thu Jul 15 18:12:19 EDT 2010

 On 16.07.2010 00:08, Ranguvar wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 10:40, Isaac Dupree
> <ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org> wrote:
>> On 07/15/10 12:57, Angel Velásquez wrote:
>>> Quoting the TU Bylaws Quote section:
>>> "This section deals with quorums, and the consequences for those that
>>> repeatedly keep the group from meeting them.
>>> Quorums were established to make sure that all TUs are having a say in
>>> the matters that they vote on, and to ensure that TUs remain active in
>>> the job that they have taken on. All active TUs should be
>>> participating in discussions and voting procedures in order to
>>> continue meeting the quorums.
>>> **For this reason, active TUs that keep quorum from being established
>>> on a voting procedure for three consecutive voting procedures (they
>>> need not be on the same motion) are automatically brought up for
>>> removal procedure, by reason of unwarranted inactivity. **"
>>> ...So IMO we should start a removalprocedure...
>> AFAICT, no vote-quorums have actually failed to be established in recent
>> history, so the above automatic-removal (**For this reason...**) clause does
>> not apply.  (The general activity-guidelines found above it might, though.)
>> -Isaac
> I apologize for not voting in the past several TU elections.
> I've been a little distracted from Arch TU duties, but resolve to pay
> more attention to the mailing list in the future.
> Currently I'm on vacation in California, but I'll be back in New York
> in about a week.
> At that time I'll also be looking at the possibility of moving one of
> my AUR packages into [community], as I still don't have any on the
> repo (mostly because the majority of them are repackages, unsuitable
> for binary distribution, etc.).
> Thanks,
> Ranguvar
> [Devin Cofer]
I would be very delighted to see bin32-wine moving into community. If
you can package all the lib32 packages it depends on you will a) be able
to do that b) have some packages that make good community candidates
anyway (lib32 stuff). Also, why can't you do it while on vacation?
Surely you have your SSH tunnel, right? :)

-- Lord Sven-Hendrik "Svenstaro" Haase

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