[aur-general] moving winw-wow64 into community

Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Sun Jul 18 09:32:56 EDT 2010

 On 18.07.2010 09:10, Isaac Dupree wrote:
> oh, so more info at http://wiki.winehq.org/Wine64 , it says 64bits
> version "is not yet fully functional", and for 32bit part of WoW64
> "The 32-bit side of such a Wow64 build is in theory supposed to work
> identically to a stand-alone 32-bit build. Currently this is not quite
> the case, any help is welcome."  so... it may not be ready to replace
> bin32-wine if the upstream wiki-page is up-to-date (last edit this
> April..so maybe it is)
>From my limited testing it appears as though it is quite functional
though. I suggested we have the community test these first and I stepped
ahead and made a forums post
(https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=793962#p793962), too.

I'd say that if testing evidence shows that it is indeed too immature
then the decision should be a quick one. However, if it turns out to be
working quite well, the only thing holding this back is inclusion of the
dependencies which we are also discussing on this list.

-- Sven-Hendrik

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