[aur-general] [flock] drop to AUR

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 04:24:35 EDT 2010

Hey guys,

I'd like to drop flock [1] (some social web browser) to AUR soon, if
any of you want to continue to support it in community, be my guest.

The reason I want to remove it is that I'm fed up with the company
developing it. For years communicating with them hasn't been a
pleasure. E-mails don't get answered, forum posts only if you ask
something they like to answer. A few years ago they removed the source
code only to add it to some svn server which they did not document and
it took quite some time for somebody to tell me where I could find the
source. Then all of a sudden they disabled public svn access and put
some source tarballs up somewhere, of course agains without
documentation and you have to hunt the link down somewhere in their
forum in a reply to someone. They also removed the developer portal
from their site.
Need more reasons? Last month they released a brand new deprecated
version based on the firefox 3.0 unmaintained code. Security anyone?
Of course the source was only made available quite some time after the
binaries were released. Their next upcoming browser, which they
indicated would be based on firefox 3.5/3.6 for the last year, will
suddenly be based upon chromium and is currently available in beta for
windows and mac osx coming sometime later this month as they say. I
have no idea if they will ever release a binary i686 linux version,
nor if they will be releasing the source code anytime soon (if they
are required to do so based upon the chromium license?). So  even if
they release the source code I'm not sure if it will be even remotely
compatible with our libs or requires massive patching.

I suppose I could go on, but that's the main reason I'd like to drop it.


[1] http://www.flock.com/

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