[aur-general] AUR and deb or other precompiled stuff

Александр Фролушкин hokum at mail.ru
Fri Jun 4 04:37:51 EDT 2010

Well, may I ask a question in this context?
Many Arch opponents say we have a very limited number of binary packages 
and a lot of it in unsuported. I'm looking at my desktop box and really 
can't deny it. I have a lot of software from AUR.
Why this happens? Very limited resources, few TU's, strict official 
repos policy or what?

Sorry for offtopic, maybe I need to post this on forums?
>> in some recent updates of some packages you see more and more deb's 
>> or rpms
>> or whatever being extracted and repacked for arch
>> is there some aur guideline about this, i really don't like this 
>> development
>> because why not take advantage of our bleeding edge gcc power
>> if the source is there, why not build from it?
>> in cases like opera it is understandable because it is not open 
>> source, but
>> in some other cases like kalsamix i find it very disturbing
>> maybe some other comments about this ?
> I agree.  Everything should be built from source where possible.
> Allan

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