[aur-general] Please delete my package "gobby-dev"

Angel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.com.ve
Mon Jun 7 05:00:22 EDT 2010

> Hello Angel,
> generally spoken you are right, but we should allow exceptions from that
> rule.
> We had an emacs-cvs package for years because that was the one people
> really used and despite being build from CVS it was damned stable.

Yes but 0.4.12 was released after 0.4.93 .. they are handling the
version number system in a strange way.

See [1]

> How long does "release" 0.4.93 exist? If was not changed for long, we
> can consider it
> stable. The maintainer should be able to decide this.

Release 0.4.93 exist since 20-12-2009, 8 days later they released a
new _stable_ version (28-12-2009), as I said, the way that they are
using to handling their version number is not correct at all, and it
tends to confuse people, saying that 0.4.12 it was out-of-date.

0.4.93 uses libinfinity and split ot the net6 package .. net6 which
still in [community] its for 0.4.12 at this moment doing nothing
(because isn't required for other software) .. I am against update to
0.4.93, as I said, is not a stable release and they're still
development stable releases under 0.4.XX branch and unstable into
0.4.9X branch (as you see this is kinda confusing).. This is not the
case from emacs, in this case, should be more like the php case .. 5.2
vs 5.3 ..

Copying again to sergej

[1] http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/


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