[aur-general] TU application for Sven-Hendrik Haase

Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Thu Jun 24 11:05:36 EDT 2010

Hey everybody,

I'd like to apply for TU. I tricked Daenyth into sponsoring me.
Rocking since 1990 in Germany, I've been using Arch Linux for around two
years now and since I
seem to stick with it I thought I might as well become TU. I have past
experience in Suse, Debian, Ubuntu,
Fedora and DSL as well as a few minor ones (mostly spin-offs). I
currently have about 10 Arch installations
in all kinds of forms, virtual, chroot, desktop, laptop, incandescent gas.

Whenever I'm not busy trying to create another cdrkit vs. cdrtools flame
fest on the mailing list
I'm generally trying to be helpful on the wiki, forums, IRC and AUR. I
like being pedantic about things
like replaces() vs. conflicts() + provides() or $startdir/src vs. $srcdir.

In AUR I currently maintain 66 packages. My most important packages are
multimedia/game development
related though I tend to package whatever I think it useful or fun.
While I'm aware that many Archers
consider games wasteful in terms of time investment and disk space, I
think the number of votes on my
packages still make some of them same valid candidates for [community].
See my awe-inspiring list of packages:

I'm rather interested in Python and since PyPy might become more
important in the future I will continue
to take good care of that package.

I'm somewhat involved or at least interested in the upstream development
for some of my packages (SFML,
Ogre3D, SFML, Gobby, Bullet, Box2D, -gallium). I like trying out new
fancy things. I've used all major DEs
and a bunch of WMs. I maintain my own live distribution closely based on
Arch Linux and archiso (live.linux-gamers.net)
and in the process of creating it wrote the archiso article for the wiki.

I care about guidelines and consistency, though I am aware that my AUR
packages aren't all fully consistent. Working on that.
On LinuxTag 2010, I openly promoted my religion using my Arch shirt
together with a fellow Archer. We tried our best
to sound like the condescending Arch jerks that we are. Just kidding. We
showed-off Arch to quite a few people who
were interested, though. We met quite a few unrelated Archers on the
fair as well but they didn't seem to have as much
Arch-esteem as we did.

Is it true that the secret TU tower is where all the girls are kept?

-- Sven-Hendrik

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