[aur-general] Remove AUR packages

Erol Grahm erol at grahm.nu
Mon Mar 1 09:33:31 EST 2010


Since I'm a new PKGBUILD creator and learning, my first packages we're
messed up, I'm sorry to bother you but could you remove the following
packages for me (me, Corex is the creator and maintainer of these):

Package - Reason

cn3d - Binary's gives an "Illegal Instruction" at launch, think its kernel
related since the custom kernel on my Media Desktop works just fine, we're
currently working on another solution.

wxwidgets-wxall - Made a mistake by naming this, it's actually
wxwidgets-motif but we need it for NCBI package so the build flags is going
to be different, we're making a new package on this too. (Cn3D is part of
NCBI sources)

Thank You
Regards Corex

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