[aur-general] Remove AUR packages

Erol Grahm erol at grahm.nu
Mon Mar 1 10:15:39 EST 2010



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"Erol Grahm" <erol at grahm.nu> wrote:

> Hi,
> Since I'm a new PKGBUILD creator and learning, my first packages we're
> messed up, I'm sorry to bother you but could you remove the following
> packages for me (me, Corex is the creator and maintainer of these):
> Package - Reason
> cn3d - Binary's gives an "Illegal Instruction" at launch, think its kernel
> related since the custom kernel on my Media Desktop works just fine, we're
> currently working on another solution.
> wxwidgets-wxall - Made a mistake by naming this, it's actually
> wxwidgets-motif but we need it for NCBI package so the build flags is
> to be different, we're making a new package on this too. (Cn3D is part of
> NCBI sources)
> Thank You
> Regards Corex

Done. Please provide links next time.

I had a look at the PKGBUILDs before deleting the packages. You can
combine your "install" and "cp" statements to avoid redundant commands
in the future (e.g. install -Dm644 ...)


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