[aur-general] I think I need my package removed from AUR...

kosmici-atakuja at wp.pl kosmici-atakuja at wp.pl
Wed Mar 10 11:12:37 CET 2010


I made a package containing the run-mailcap script that is required for sup mail to run properly. Beforehand I checked with pkgfile if run-mailcap is available anywhere in Arch repos and AUR and it said it wasn't. So I made the package and upload it to AUR to make life simple for sup mail users. 

However, turns out run-mailcap is a part of the mime-support package as it was pointed out to me in the forums. So now there's no point in making a separate run-mailcap I think...

If you feel it should be deleted, please delete it, it's here: 

The only reason I can think of for having a separate run-mailcap package is for users that are minimalists - since they only need this one script, not the whole package for sup. 

Thank you
Piotr Kempa

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